Research programs

The following table shows the research programs currently conducted by ACCORD: 


 Research project  researcher(s)
 Interreligious dialogue and theology  of religions

 M. Moyaert, L. Minnema,  A.F.M. van der Braak, A.L.  Vroom, V.A. van Bijlert

 Culture and transcendence 

 W.L. van der Merwe, M.  Moyaert

 Multiple religious belonging (MRB)

 M. Kalsky, A. van der Braak,  W.L. van der Merwe

 Humanism, religion and secularity

 Y. Jansen, W.L. van der  Merwe 

 Asian religions and their encounter  with Western modernity

 A. van der Braak, V.A. van  Bijlert, A. L. Vroom

 Empirical hermeneutics and  intercultural contextuality, including  intercultural philosophy

 J.H. de Wit, L. Minnema, W.L.  van der Merwe, M. Moyaert

 Russian Orthodoxy and the human  rights discourse

 A. Brüning