Upcoming events

November 1: inaugural address of Prof. dr. M. Moyaert

November 28: inaugural address of Prof. dr. Y. Jansen

Here you will find our upcoming events as well as an indication of our recent activities.

Upcoming events

  • From August 15th through October 15th, we warmly welcome prof. Victor Hori as Researcher in Residence. Prof. Hori is Associate Professor in Japanese Religions at the McGill University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. View his university profile here.
  • September 11th: ACCORD-lecture* with prof. Jim Heisig (Nanzan University, Japan).

Recent events


  • July 1st: Expert-meeting with Richard Kearney on his most recent publication Anatheism.
  • June 12th: ACCORD-lecture with Monodeep Daniel. For details, see the flyer. This event is connected with Mr. Daniels promotion on Thursday the 13th at VU University and with a symposium he will attend on Friday the 14th. This symposium is co-hosted by ACCORD. For more information on the symposium, please see the invitation [Dutch].
  • March 23rd: ACCORD-symposium on Chinese Buddhism in the Netherlands.
  • January-February - Vedānta-Symposium with Swami Santatmananda



  • December Symposium with Wentzel van Huyssteen about his recent work on the "Interdisciplinary Challenge to Theological Anthropology."
  • October ACCORD-lecture by Perry Schmidt-Leukel on religious pluralism.

* ACCORD-lectures

ACCORD-lectures is a series on fundamental philosophical and theological questions concerning issues of Cultural and Religious Diversity. Recent lectures were help by John Maraldo, Wentzel van Huyssteen and Perry Schmidt-Leukel.

** New Voices

ACCORD New Voices-lectures give the stage to young scholars with original ideas and in-depth knowledge of comparative philosophical and theological questions. Recent New Voices were Scott Dalby and Fabian Voelker.